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What I did in my Special Computer Methods 2 Course?

Coursework 1: My first assignment was creating anything that shows and explains "Why do we use technology in teaching-learning process?" To do this 3 of my friends and I created a video. Here it is!
Coursework 2: My second assignment was preparing an effective technology integration for any subject field by using Robyler's Technology Integration Model. To do this, I used TIP Model and integrate Simulation Technology in Chemistry course for explosive experiment. Here is the document:
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Coursework 3: As a third assignment, I prepared a tutorial for Geometer's SketchPad program users in order to teach drawing a parallelogram. Here is my tutorial document.
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Coursework 4: As a class, we created a glossary about using smart board. I contributed some parts of it which are related with appearance property, changing the grid line colors and export to PDF/Image. If you have moodle account you can see them from the following link.


Coursework 5: In the fifth assignment, my peer and I prepared a website which explains a model that we created for Technology integration in Schools. My peer and I developed our model, named TIiS Model, based on Roblyer's book and National Center for Education Statistics web site. You can find our web site by clicking the following link.


Coursework 6: In the sixth assignment, my peer and I prepared a lesson for 5th grade students in order to teach "The earth, the sun and the moon" topic of Science & Technology course based on "game-based learning". Here is our lesson plan:
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We also explained what game based learning is by power point slide. Here is the presentation show that we used:
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School Experience Lesson Plans

For my school experience course, I created 4 lesson plans. I'm adding those here for the following "lesson plan pool" project.
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